If you want to experience all the things that make folks want to live here, your group should not pass up the chance to visit Boston’s South End neighborhood! We’ve put together this guide to exploring the district with a group, so all you’ll have to worry about is hopping aboard your private charter bus rental and enjoying the ride between the quaint and historical sites South End has to offer.

Keep reading to learn more about visiting South End with a group, and be sure to call 617-314-7577 如果你有的话 关于交通服务的问题 在波士顿. The 买球推荐软件app排名 team is here 24/7 to help you with the logistics and to offer a 免费,无义务报价 波士顿巴士的租金!

A row of brick Victorian houses 在波士顿's South End neighborhood


Boston’s South End neighborhood is far more residential than tourist-filled locales like North End, 笔架山, 及后湾. 对于资深游客来说,伦敦南端充满了 隐藏的瑰宝和内幕从翻新的褐砂石到改造的仓库. Whether you’re here to tour the largest still–standing Victorian row house district in the country, 漫步在11 greenspaces,或者看看它的生长情况 ”+现场伦敦南端不会让你失望.

话虽如此, since the district is geared more toward long-term residents, getting around South End with a large group of out-of-towners can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the area. No MBTA trains run through the district and limited public bus routes wind their way through this part of town.

这就是租一辆包车能帮上忙的地方! Rather than navigating the city’s bus lines with a crowd of 20+ travelers, everyone can simply climb aboard their private motorcoach and let a 专业巴士司机 剩下的交给你. No one will have to worry about missing dinner reservations, and there will always be enough storage space to stash your 行李 between stops. 今天就打电话与我们的预订团队取得联系 617-314-7577,我们很乐意为您的团队找到合适的人选 波士顿包车或小巴租赁 以满足您的行程、人数和设施需求.



Now that you have an idea as to how to get around South End with a group, 剩下要做的就是填写你的行程表了! Here are some of the neighborhood’s highlights that previous travelers have recommended for Boston visitors:


华盛顿南部(索)街道, located roughly from Albany to Washington and East Berkeley to Massachusetts Avenue, 是一些最受好评的电影的故乡吗 波士顿的艺术画廊. Your art enthusiasts can easily spend an entire day exploring the brick-and-beam industrial studios and converted warehouse spaces that house the city’s brightest up-and-coming talent. Swing by the International Poster Gallery to admire antique travel prints, or plan a visit on a spring or summer Sunday to peruse the local vendors, 工匠, and farm-to-table eateries of the outdoor 索 Open Market.

包租巴士小贴士: 找一件你忍不住要带回家的东西? Don’t worry about lugging your treasures around the district on foot—that’s what your 波士顿私人包车 来这里是为了! Your 专业巴士司机 will be happy to look after any personal belongings, 行李, or recent purchases you leave on your bus rental so that you can explore 索 unburdened.



地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿特雷蒙特街539号邮编02116

如果你只在伦敦南端待一晚, odds are your group is here to catch a show at the 波士顿艺术中心! This nonprofit visual and performing arts venue is made up of several rehearsal spaces and theaters, 还有餐馆, 画廊, 和更多的! 观看波士顿芭蕾舞团的原创编舞, or rent out to Cyclorama Building for your next only-in-South-End event, 贸易展, 婚礼,或私人聚会!

包租巴士小贴士: Renting a bus 在波士顿 is one of the best ways to ensure a large group of arts patrons arrives at the center with plenty of time to find their seats. Your charter bus driver will pull up near the entrance on Tremont Street at least 5 minutes before your scheduled arrival time to ensure easy unloading for every passenger.



当然, one of the most popular ways to experience the South End is to simply walk around and check out the houses! 无论你是访问历史 班级实地考察 或者只是呆呆地看着漂亮的房地产, spend an hour or two walking around the landmarked 维多利亚式排屋区 along Tremont Street, 哥伦布大道, 和马萨诸塞大道. 在那里, you’ll find block after block of gorgeous brownstone residential buildings, 看起来就像19世纪80年代建造时的样子.

包租巴士小贴士: Boston’s older and cobblestone streets are not the most friendly to wheelchair users and folks with mobility devices. Rather than missing out on the city’s historic curb appeal, book an ADA-complaint charter bus so everyone can admire the cityscape from the comfort of a climate-controlled cabin! 只要你开口, and your Boston bus rental representative can find a motorcoach with a wheelchair lift, 有扶手的宽阔过道, 还有足够的地方放拐杖和助行器.


J.J. 福利的咖啡馆

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿伯克利街117号邮编02118

One thing South End residents can’t get enough of is a relaxed evening at a local dive bar—so if your group wants to live it up like a local, 只要看看J就知道了.J. 福利的. This Irish pub has been a neighborhood mainstay since its opening in 1909, 多年来,大部分票价都没有改变. Dig into beef burgers freshly ground and hand-packed in-house or order a round of hearty appetizers for the table as you watch a game on the TVs or play a round of darts. And yes, the bar area is roomy enough to easily accommodate 大型餐饮团体!



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