Rent a Charter Bus from 剑桥 Charter Bus Company

Whether 你’re taking a campus tour of Harvard or MIT or 你’re just coming through for a family visit, 剑桥 Charter Bus Company has all of 你r group transportation covered in 马萨诸塞州剑桥市! We charter buses of all sizes to help families, 婚礼派对, 企业, 更多的人可以轻松地四处走动. 和一个 wide selection of charter bus options available to book, we can always find the perfect 剑桥 bus rental for 你!

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剑桥 Charter Bus Company books buses of all sizes to groups traveling into, 的, 或者在剑桥附近. 团体依靠我们 婚礼穿梭服务, 往返于体育赛事的巴士, 企业班车服务, school field trip bus transportation, 私人活动交通工具以及整个剑桥 波士顿,甚至 斯普林菲尔德.

当您向我们预订时, 你 can choose from buses such as full-size 56-passenger charter buses, 18座小型巴士, and a variety of bus sizes in between to suit groups of multiple sizes. 当你骑行时, 您将享受气候控制, onboard creature comforts like WiFi and TVs with DVD players, as well as plenty of storage space so that luggage and clutter can stay safely tucked away. 至于 汽车定价? We keep it simple—just call us with 你r trip details and we’ll give 你 a straightforward quote. Once 你’ve gotten 你r price, 你 won’t be slapped with any surprise fees.

Ready to learn more about 剑桥 bus rentals? Keep reading to see how we help groups get around 剑桥 and 波士顿, or call our 24-hour team at 617-314-7577 to discuss bus options and get a free, no-obligation quote!


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Tour Harvard, 波士顿学院, and More with a Private Shuttle Bus

Bringing a group of students in to tour Harvard University, 波士顿学院, or any of 剑桥’s famous universities? Trust 剑桥 Charter Bus Company to pair 你 with the perfect shuttle bus rental for 你r student group. With a professional bus driver at the wheel, 你, 你的学生, and any additional parents or chaperones can enjoy a smooth ride with point-to-point pickups and dropoffs throughout 剑桥. We’ll follow 你r schedule full of campus tours, 会议, and dinners at local restaurants so 你 can focus on soaking in campus and helping 你的学生 decide where they’ll spend their college years!

Shuttle Guests to and from 你r 剑桥 Wedding

Getting married at 剑桥’s MIT Endicott House or The Charles Hotel? Let 剑桥 Charter Bus Company be 你r shuttle service for all of 你r wedding festivities! From the bachelor/ette party to the rehearsal dinner to all of 你r day-of events, we’ll make sure everyone travels safely with a professional designated bus driver and a cool, 舒适的 婚礼穿梭巴士. +, with a professional shuttle service, everyone can enjoy 你r celebrations to the fullest without worrying about how they’ll get home. Set up 你r custom wedding shuttle route and leave the rest to us!

Shuttle 剑桥 Employees to Luncheons, Events, and More

剑桥 Charter Bus Company can provide one-time or ongoing 企业班车服务 哈佛大学的教职员工, employees headed to local luncheons, or special guests attending conventions at 波士顿’s Hynes Convention Center or 波士顿 Convention and Exhibition Center. Set up 你r custom shuttle bus route so employees and VIPs can enjoy efficient door-to-door service from their homes or local public transportation stops. +, passengers can enjoy onboard amenities to keep everyone connected, 比如WiFi, 电源插座, and PA systems for quick announcements. 消除通勤的压力, 寻找停车位, and hoping 你 end up at the right address with a personalized 剑桥 corporate shuttle service!

Support the Crimson, the Eagles, and 你r Favorite Local Teams with Efficient Group Transportation

Whether 你 need to arrange group transportation for 你r players or 你’re a dedicated fan of Harvard or 波士顿学院 sports, 剑桥 Charter Bus Company is here to make sure that transportation is the least of 你r worries on game day. 租一辆包车, players can enjoy plenty of legroom, overhead storage for carry-on items, undercarriage storage for all necessary luggage and equipment, and a safe and 舒适的 ride to away games, 比赛, 和更多的. 与此同时, fans can group together and enjoy a streamlined ride with a professional driver at the wheel—sit back, 享受一些小吃和饮料, and get to the game all together without worrying about losing someone in a caravan.

Book a Bus for Private Trips to 波士顿 and Beyond

With 剑桥 Charter Bus Company, 你 aren’t limited to just trips within city limits. Take a historical tour of 波士顿’s famous landmarks, or keep it simple with group family transportation to local towns like 洛厄尔, 昆西, or 伍斯特. No matter where 你r group travels take 你, 我们会在这里确保安全, 舒适的, and reliable charter bus ride for all of 你r passengers.


Ready to book 你r 剑桥 bus rental? 今天致电我们的24小时服务团队 617-314-7577 to learn more about bus options and to get a free, no-obligation quote! We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions 你 may have.